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Fall Fun

Let’s head up the hill for apples! Apple Hill The weather turned almost overnight here that signals the chance to wear sweaters and to...

Selling: Top 6 Focus Areas to Consider

Ideas to consider when budget and maximizing your investment are key So you want to sell your home or rental property?...

Going green: ECOlogical vs ECOnomical

Solar Panels are BIG business these days and for good reason.  The appeal of lowering energy costs and “going green”...
Home Prices: Up or Down?

Home Prices: Up or Down?

The Good news According to Zillow, Sacramento is the 9th hottest real estate market in the country for 2016.  Wow! ...

80 in 20

When Jessica Tallman walked into Peet’s, I was at once captivated by her immediate smile and generous nature – she...

All that glitters is not told

My normal routine when I get up in the morning is to drink my coffee and scroll through the news...

Real Estate Rentals in Your IRA?

Everyone talks about diversification, but are you really diversified for retirement?  Are you maximizing your ROI? If you have an...
Ultra modern kitchen with stainless steel island

5 remodels that work and…5 that don’t

Repeat after me: I am the master of my remodel. Perhaps you should say it again, because sadly, it’s not...
an upscale house in california

11 Tips for Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market

As we move into year #3 of an up market, houses which are priced right and which are updated to...