Great people make a great party!

I held my first annual Client Appreciation Party at Chicago Pizza in Mid-town on Wednesday and I have to say that I picked some great clients (or Maybe they picked me?  Could be!) Genuine and interesting and representing the latest statistics out of NAR (National Association of Realtors) that roughly half of home buyers are Millennials.

Not everyone was able to get to the party (I definitely missed the ones that couldn’t be there – and you’ll have to show up for the next one!), but those of us that were there had some fun times.   What a great turnout where like minds mingled, ate, drank, and enjoyed the evening and the company!

I feel extremely blessed to have met some wonderful people. We jumped some hoops together to buy and sell their homes in this market and in the process, I made some great friends.  Best part is that last night they got a chance to meet each other and form some new friendships and even a little fortuitous networking went on for good job connections!  😉

When planning this party, my biggest goal was to make sure people had fun.  To me, having fun starts with doing something a little different.  I wanted to get people to talk to each other so with the help of Arturo Salas (Thank you, my friend!)  We brainstormed the best icebreakers appropriate for the event and the time we had available…

The initial icebreaker instructed them to find someone they’d never met, introduce themselves, and write the other person’s name on a name tag along with where they’d buy their next home. I saw, “Italy” and “New Jerusalem”, “Monterey”… interesting to see how husband and wife weren’t always on the same page with where they might want to buy their next home!  haha.

Around the food and drink, I prompted them with more interaction with a new icebreaker which was to identify what the group had in common with each other and how each of the individuals in the group were unique.  It got people talking and meeting new people. At the end of the evening, I drew names for prizes. The feedback was very positive – they had fun.  So glad!  I did too.  🙂    A shout out of appreciation to Crystal Miller for helping me find the venue  – great pick!


I’ll be planning another event in the summer.  Maybe you’d like to join us?

John Foderaro and I say, Thanks! I hope to see you at the next one!

If you’d like to be a part of our circle of friends/clients, reach out and let’s talk about your real estate goals.  🙂