How about a little fun?  We’ve gotten a deluge of rain this year and the thought of summer beckons between storms…

The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually. 

Imagine a hot summer night with the delta breeze drifting lazily in and going to your little oasis out in your backyard.  Hang out with your friends at your Bar Shed!  Say what? Well, in a manner of speaking, it’s a shed that’s come of age.  Believe it or not, this Bar Shed can be as simple as a Tough Shed, the Home Depot generic variety, or feel free to build your own too! These transformed utilitarian boxes are now hip hangouts with refreshments.

Whence did they appear?  Turns out that the Brits who gardened together in community gardens started hanging out for a pint in their tool sheds after hoeing and harvesting (circa 2014 – as far as a one hour Google search turned up).  One pint led to a few happy hours which led to a new craze.  They call them Pub Sheds – Naturally! Because you realise, they have a different word for EVERYTHING!  🙂  However, it is brilliant!  I love the fact that you needn’t build from scratch.  Rather, you’re “rethinking a space” (as my favorite stager likes to say) – a space that’s pretty much a large box with a little extra headroom.

Considering the hot summers we have here in Sacramento and the lack of AC in the shed, it’s probably a better idea to open the bar to the outside and shimmy a couple of bar stools (or an old snowboard) up to the bar.  The one pictured below has a surfboard – I say, “Use what you got!”

Designing one could be pretty fun.  There’s string lights for evening ambiance, a little paint, some new doors and windows…you could even put a cupola on top for architectural value OR create a vacation “destination” from some of your favorite travels with all the junk (aka souvenirs) you might have lying around – think Tiki Bar.  Go retro with a throwback to the 50’s.  The options are limitless, of course.  I think hanging the flag out for a 4th of July party and window boxes of red geraniums would create a great Americana look.  For more design and stocking information, here’s a Buzzfeed article about it.


I’ve seen plenty of sheds at the houses I’ve sold.  If you’ve got one or more, you’re already almost there!  I created a pinterest board just for inspiration:  see Bar Sheds for more examples. Send me pictures if you do one!  I’ll feature you in the 4th of July issue!



What do you think?  Had you heard of this before and I’m the last one “in-the-know”?  Leave a comment – I’d love to know what you think.  It’s a very different type of real estate!  😉

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