Let’s face it, you can travel around the globe and enjoy some spectacular pools and views AND you can also stay at home and FEEL like you’re on vacation with a pool.  Here in the Valley, we have the Hot Summer Days and Hot Summer Nights to make a pool a welcome reprieve.

Entertaining or simply dining around a pool can be enchanting.  As my kids were growing up, we spent many summer evenings dining outside against a backdrop of mysterious shadows from the garden with ambient light from pool and candles gently washing over our faces.  The whole meal seemed to be elevated because we were satiating our full senses rather than just sating our hunger for food.  

But, the pool got the most action, with the kids.  HOURS of fun in sun.


If you don’t have a pool and you’d like one there are several important things to consider:

  1. Make sure everyone in your family wants a pool now and in the future. It’s no small endeavor or cost to put one in. Pools may be financed as a second mortgage on a home which could mean you’ll be paying for 15 years.  Will you still be using it then?  I’ve had many a pool repair person ask me if I ever get in my pool anymore now that my kids are grown.  Last year, I think I got in the pool one time, but this year I’ve promised myself to go out there and relax more!  
  2. If you’re going to sell your home after you’ve paid to have a pool installed, recognize that pools generally add only $10-15k to the home’s value and there may be a case if you’re in an area where more retired people are moving, that it may decrement value! Why?  Because it’s possible that the buyers for your home don’t want the hassle of upkeep.
  3. There are maintenance costs for chemicals and cleaning year-round. Pool equipment must be kept in order, and there are even liability issues to think about.
  4. Did you know that if you have a house with a pool that you don’t want anymore, that it costs money for permits and contractors to fill it in?!

If you’re looking to purchase a home, buying a home with an existing pool is almost always cheaper, but if you have your heart set on your own unique pool and backyard design there are many fine pool contractors in the area to cover almost any budget.  Make sure they are licensed and check with the Better Business Bureau.  Ask friends and family for their referrals and get more than one recommendation. 

I’m sticking by my decision to put one in!


And while we’re talking about pools, let’s take on a more serious subject, KNOW WHAT DROWNING LOOKS LIKE.  It’s not like on TV!